GAget for macOS

A simple Google Analytics tool for your Mac

Check your Analytics stats in seconds!

Download for macOS

Always a swipe away

GAget runs in the Notification Center of macOS so you are always able to access it with a double finger swipe from the right. Or just click the icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Today’s numbers at a glance

Select your most important views from Analytics and get a quick overview of how those sites and mobile apps are doing today.

Dig deeper in your data

When you open the widget, you can check out a graph displaying the latest sessions data. Besides that GAget displays users, page views, bounce rate, new visitors data and the average time on site, alongside the top 8 locations and rate of desktop, mobile and tablet visitors.

Help! Is GAget right for me?

Do you have a website, a blog or a mobile app?

Yes, I do. No :(

Do you have a Google Analytics account?

Yes of course. A what?

You should implement Google Analytics, it’s pretty awesome! Here’s how »

Does Analytics have a lot of stuff you don’t use?

Hell yea! No, I use every bit of it.

Do you like things that are well designed?

OH YES! No, I hate nice things! Ugh!

Looks like we’re in business: GAget will be just right for you! Download it on the App Store

Well, you’re out of luck... GAget is probably not for you.
But hey, don’t feel sad! Here’s a funny cat video instead »

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